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This is our help center to answer any questions you may have.

Unlimited membership

All our subscriptions are unlimited plans that allow you to download unlimited beats, monetize on any platform and events worldwide. Unlimited subscriptions also give you access to untagged beats, and the ability to whitelist your YouTube channel to automatically remove any copyright claims instantly.


If you need support you can contact us through the chat that you can find on this page. You can also do it by sending an e-mail to


The Beaflix license does not allow to sell, resell or sublicense the music from Beatflix. Compile the music from Beatflix in order to replicate a similar website or competing service. Using the music for illegal, immoral or defamatory purposes. Claiming to be the creator or rights holder of the music and use our music to create your own music, song or remix.

Will my license ever expire?

No. Any digital project you release during an active subscription period automatically grants you a perpetual license for the music, i.e. it lasts forever. Never worry about a takedown request again!


You can edit, remix and add new sounds to the beats you have downloaded. You should always give credit to Beatflix.


YouTube allows you to dispute the claim directly with them. Then, you can submit a claim to us on and we will work with you to get this issue resolved quickly.


We provide a simple Unlimited, Worldwide, Perpetual license allowing you to use our music in your songs, videos, podcasts, livestreams, advertising media, social media channels and more.

Billing and payments

Songbeat does not offer refunds. If the subscription payment is not made effective for any reason, or there is a breach of the contract clauses by the user, Beatflix reserves the right to cancel the account of the user.

What is the Youtube Content ID?

When you upload a video to Youtube, you might see an option to register the content ID of the music in the video. Youtube will then consider that the copyright of this music belongs to you, and prevent other users from using the same or similar music. You should only register the Youtube Content ID of music whose copyright belongs to you. Beatflix owns the copyright of all the music generated with it, so you are not allowed to register the Youtube content ID. Note that you can still monetize your videos without any problem, and we will never ask you to share your revenues or bother you with any copyright issues. We keep the copyright of the music with the only goal of protecting our users from a malicious user who would try to sue you or claim revenue from your videos.

Terms of use

The files that the user downloads on the Beatflix platform for subsequent use in publications or own musical works are the sole responsibility of the user. Beatflix states that it does not assume any responsibility for the contents of the publication or for possible claims from third parties. The non-availability of the provision of the HOSTING service during the period of validity of the contract when this non-availability is due to problems in the Internet network, causes of unforeseen events or force majeure or any other unforeseeable contingency beyond the good faith of the company. In any case, Beatflix undertakes to try to solve any problems that may arise and to offer the necessary support to the user so that these possible incidents are resolved as quickly and satisfactorily as possible. Likewise, Beatflix reserves the right to temporarily interrupt the provision of the service due to imperative needs for improvement or repair of the technical means used to provide it. Beatflix does not offer refunds of any kind or trial periods.

Cancel subscription

You can cancel your subscription from your account page. However, please note that you will no longer be able to download music once your subscription terminates.

Hundreds of beats in your pocket.

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